The reference point in Parma and its province for motorcycle clothing and accessories

STOP AND GO was born from the idea of Mario Gruzza to concretize in a work all the experience and knowledge acquired in many years of competitive practice in motocross, and collaboration in sales with many important Italian / foreign companies of clothing and accessories for sports / road motorcycling.

Of course, the passion for two wheels is the added engine to create a shop in Langhirano, in the land of Parma ham, on a road frequented by many motorcyclists who head towards the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, also to reach the sea of Tuscany and Liguria.

STOP AND GO inaugurated its business on March 9, 2002 and in it also take an active part in the family Massimo and Maura.

STOP AND GO is a point of sale specialized in clothing and accessories for sports / road motorcycling and offers a wide choice of helmets, track clothing, touring, enduro, cross along with every type of technical garment, bags, trunks, boots and accessories for every need.

The spirit of STOP AND GO is to follow criteria of professionalism and seriousness, but also to be at the forefront in the search for all those products that for quality and price represent the best offer of the current market.

In 2009 STOP AND GO enlarged its store by adding a new showroom space, which made it more stocked as well as more beautiful and bright.

In 2012 STOP AND GO inaugurated its second store in Parma at the LA VELA shopping center. This last store of 520sqm is really a Biker's Dreamland where the motorcyclist, turning between the departments, has the opportunity to find and choose among the many models what he really needs, always being able to take advantage of technical information and consoles both from the good sales assistants and from the owners of the store.

In 2013, STOP AND GO decided to open its own e-commerce store on the web, once again offering truly advantageous conditions to motorcyclists from all over Italy.

STOP AND GO - The Biker's Dreamland

Showroom Parma